Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01. Definitions

    a. bKash Account
       - It's a virtual storage of money and can be accessed through mobile phone. After registration, your mobile number will be your bKash Account number.


    b. Open an Account
         - Opening a bKash Account on your mobile phone.   


    c. bKash Mobile Menu
         - The menu you see after dialing *247#


    d. Cash In 
         - Depositing money into your bKash Account.


    e. Cash Out
       - Withdrawing money from your bKash Account. You can Cash Out from any bKash Agent Point or from BRAC Bank ATM.


    f. Send Money
         - Transferring money from one bKash Account to another bKash Account.


    g. Buy Airtime
         - Buy Airtime allows you to recharge Mobile Airtime from your bKash Account.


    h. Payment
        - When you pay from your bKash Account to a seller against product or service you purchase.


    i. International Remittance
         - Receiving funds from abroad in your bKash Account in Bangladesh.


    j. bKash Mobile Menu PIN
        - This is a secret number like a password to secure your bKash Account.


    k. bKash ATM PIN
        - This is also a secret number to be used when you cash out from ATM.


    l. Security Code
        - Security Code is a one time PIN. When you Cash Out from the ATM, you need to generate a Security Code which can be used only once and remains valid for one hour.


    m. Transaction ID
        - A system generated unique reference number against each transaction that is preserved as identification.

    n. Referance
        - Mentioning the purpose of the transaction for your own record.

  • 03. Do I need to open an Account to use bKash services?

    - Yes, you need to open an Account to use bKash services

  • 04. Who can open an Account for bKash?

    - Bangladeshi National
    - Age 18 years or above
    - Having valid Photo National ID/Driving License/Passport
    - Currently Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel subscribers

  • 05. Is there any charge for opening an Account?

    - No, opening an Account is completely FREE.

  • 06. Where shall I go to open a bKash Account?

    - To any bKash Agent, bKash Center & bKash Plus

  • 07. Do I need to have a mobile phone to avail this service?

    - Yes, you need a mobile phone to register and avail the services.

  • 08. Do I need to buy a new SIM Card to open a bKash account?

    - No, you can use your existing Robi, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Teletalk and Airtel SIM Card to open a bKash account.

  • 09. Do I need a bank account to use bKash?

    - No, there is NO need to have a bank account to use bKash.